Vintage rugs vs. Karastan

By admin | November 28, 2014

What’s your Karastan worth? The average Karastan 700 series rug in lightly used condition in 9×12 size sells fully serviced and cleaned in second hand for $1500 according to a recent set of retail inquiries. This is especially true for vintage Karastan 785 Sarouk design and Kerman 717 Panel designs. Allover design or covered field designs seem to maintain value moreso than open field with solid color. Hand knotted Oushak (Usak) rugs and carpets continue to gain popularity with soft tones and thick comfortable pile. Value in vintage rugs often exceeds that over those found in antique rugs or even new rugs in many instances.

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Why Buy Vintage Rugs?

There is great validity and real cost-benefit of purchasing a vintage rug over an antique or new rug (or even a machine made rug for that matter). The manner in which hand knotted rugs are made today is little changed over the course of many centuries. However, the main difference now is vintage rugs are an extremely affordable option, and regardless, will continue to last for many, many years.

Karastan Appraisal

By admin | August 1, 2012

Making your ability to determining the value of your used or vintage Karastan easy.

Similar to most any area rug, a used Karastan rugs of most interest to resale or second hand markets are those which are:

1. In very good to excellent condition. Examples of this would be rugs which exhibit limited amount of wear, staining or other condition issues. Minor imperfections such as a loose fringe would not be of concern. However, structural issues such as holes, tears, dry rot or other would be of consequence and would severely impact value.

2. High quality Karastan rugs. Of specific interest are those of the original Karastan or Karastan 700′s series. The 700 series Karastan rugs have a very long track record as proven quality. They are highly popular, recognizable designs with timeless and classic motifs.

If your carpet passes the criteria and specifications indicated above relating to condition and type, your Karastan rug likely has resale potential as a second hand or used machine made rug. Because the Karastan name is branded, market indicators which may be of assistance include eBay completed listings. Look for your style number and size, with matching condition. Remember, a clean rug will not only be more appealing to the next buyer, but also shows the carpet was properly cared for as well.

As a buyer of a second hand or used Karastan rug, don’t forget to do some preliminary research before purchasing a used rug. You may be surprised to find first-time mill strikes of Karastan rugs or overstock/discontinued karastan rugs on sale may prove to be more reliable as a new-old-stock resource, but also a place for super savings.

Also, don’t forget to check in on the Karastan website.

Karastan Heriz Rug

By admin | December 20, 2010

Karastan Heriz Pattern 5’9″ x 9′

Karastan Heriz 726

Karastan Heriz Area Rug on Sale

American Quilt Collection

By admin | November 23, 2010

Double Wedding Ring 540-2001 in size 5’4″ x 8’4″ (approximately 5′x8′)


Morning Glory 540-2003 in size 5’4″ x 8’4″ (approximately 5′x8′)

Yuruk Rugs and Carpet Collection from Karastan

By admin | November 17, 2010

Tribal designs from the nomadic peoples of Asia Minor. Incredibly well rendered with motifs deeply rooted in traditional village and nomadic weaving including primitive animal and human figures as well as richly-woven flowers. And you will find tribal totems and designs so ancient as to have their meanings forgotten even by those who drew the wool through their looms.

Yuruk Collection Karastan 530 Shirvan
Yuruk Collection Karastan 530 Shirvan
Yuruk Collection Karastan 530 Afshar
Yuruk Collection Karastan 530 Afshar 5’9″ x 9′
Yuruk Collection Karastan 530 Qashqai 5’9″ x 9′ & 7’10″ x 11′

Karastan Williamsburg 550

By admin | November 15, 2010

Karastan 550 Williamsburg Collection: An assortment of rugs recreated and inspired by rare 16th and 17th century handwoven oriental rugs and antiques from the Safavid and Mogul periods.  The Williamsburg Collection are manufactured under exclusive license from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Designs and colors are reproduced in as accurate a manner possible, in the true spirit of authentic, genuine rugs of antiquity. Each rug is Axminster woven through-the-back of the finest imported 100% worsted skein-dyed and luster washed wool yarns.

For pricing, contact us by posting a comment below!

Garden of Eden Collection 509

By admin | November 12, 2010

Timeless, contemporary, accurate and realistic floral, trellis, tree of life, garden panel and bouquet designs.  On Sale below is The Garden of Eden collection by Karastan rugs.  A fusion of traditional and contemporary designs at once; colors so vivid and beautifully descriptive in the spirit of true hand knotted rugs, yet motifs where simplicity rules yet sophistication is clearly present. Axminster woven with 100% premium imported skein-dyed and luster washed worsted wool yarns. 100% authentic and Original Karastan in every respect.  Own the true, own the original, own a Karastan at an unbeatable price.  Contact us by commenting below!

World’s Fair Original Karastan at Macy’s Chicago

By admin | November 10, 2010

The rug has been stored at the mill in North Carolina until now. Visitors to the display will see the rug that has come to be a part of Karastan history and an enduring testament to the lasting beauty and quality construction of Karastan rugs.” – Karastan

Macy’s Chicago recently featured the most famous Karastan carpet to ever exist this October 2010:  The ’33-’34 Chicago World’s Fair Ivory Karastan 791 Kirman tree-of-life design.

World's Fair Karastan

1933 Chicago World's Fair Karastan Kirman 791 n Ivory, 12'x15'

As a revolutionary testament to longevity and outstanding craftsmanship and durability, the rug was subjected to the footpath of over 5 million World’s Fair visitor more than 75 years ago.  Soon after the heavily trafficked Original had over 10,000,000 feet tread atop its wool pile, half of it was washed, exposing the ever bright and lustrous colors. Karastan states: “One side remained almost unrecognizable, while the washed portion returned the rug to its original beauty of 33 skein-dyed colors.

Durability, fine dyes and quality New Zealand wool pile to this day serve as historic proof that the inception of Karastan’s Machine Made power-loomed carpets were, and are, here to stay.

Photo Credit Chicago Home Mag