Karastan Appraisal

By admin | August 1, 2012

Making your ability to determining the value of your used or vintage Karastan easy.

Similar to most any area rug, a used Karastan rugs of most interest to resale or second hand markets are those which are:

1. In very good to excellent condition. Examples of this would be rugs which exhibit limited amount of wear, staining or other condition issues. Minor imperfections such as a loose fringe would not be of concern. However, structural issues such as holes, tears, dry rot or other would be of consequence and would severely impact value.

2. High quality Karastan rugs. Of specific interest are those of the original Karastan or Karastan 700′s series. The 700 series Karastan rugs have a very long track record as proven quality. They are highly popular, recognizable designs with timeless and classic motifs.

If your carpet passes the criteria and specifications indicated above relating to condition and type, your Karastan rug likely has resale potential as a second hand or used machine made rug. Because the Karastan name is branded, market indicators which may be of assistance include eBay completed listings. Look for your style number and size, with matching condition. Remember, a clean rug will not only be more appealing to the next buyer, but also shows the carpet was properly cared for as well.

As a buyer of a second hand or used Karastan rug, don’t forget to do some preliminary research before purchasing a used rug. You may be surprised to find first-time mill strikes of Karastan rugs or overstock/discontinued karastan rugs on sale may prove to be more reliable as a new-old-stock resource, but also a place for super savings.

Also, don’t forget to check in on the Karastan website.

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